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Let’s take an adventure ride into an unexplored, unfathomed, and ethereal locale of ‘Bharat’ through the eyes of Bollywood Cinema! One platform to explore the unseen and popular destinations by exploring the best film tourism experiences. Our aphorism is to let our reader know about the scenic locations that have been shot in movies and talk about the experiences of the people related to the movies.

Here on iWEND, we discuss what drives directors and producers to the breath-taking locations of India. Our vision is to establish a platform where every traveller can reach and share his own exciting and panoramic experiences throughout his or her journey.

Our Philosophy is to seize the day and relish the utmost artistry of God on this planet- India where you can chase the angels on the Himalayas, worship the भगवती Ganga, and a desire to cleanse one’s sin in कुंभ.  The notion of iWEND is set up by Mr Sudhanshu Srivastava, whose main concern was to connect wanderers, not Travellers on one platform and this made him come up with the concept of Cinematic Tourism.

Mr Sudhanshu has a zeal and passion for the different locations and destinations of India that has not yet explored by the wanderers. His vision is to create a platform from where every man who has an eagerness for exploring the unexplored destinations are invited and they can share their own story!  So, come and fly with us towards the unfathomed heaven on Earth, India!

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