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Bollywood rock n’ roll in Monsoon!

Here comes the most awaited season of the year- MONSOON! Everybody is grooving on their favourite Bollywood song giving some Monsoon goals. Planning a trip, road trips, and your favourite Monsoon playlist.



Here comes the most awaited season of the year- MONSOON! Everybody is grooving on their favourite Bollywood song giving some Monsoon goals. Planning a trip, road trips, and your favourite Monsoon playlist.

What else you need! Monsoon is the time when your heart is filled with romance; It brings the dreamy and exciting feeling in you. You don’t need anything else except your loved one beside you and some of the most iconic Bollywood Monsoon songs.

Your favourite actors getting wet in rain and dancing; The most Melo-dramatic scene in any Bollywood movie still enthrals the heart of many young folks of India. Earlier, when the movies were Black and White, the rain songs were popular, but still, there was a lack of colour. With the arrival of 80’s Bollywood era, the rain songs started being more romantic and more exotic.

80’s Bollywood industry was the main era when Monsoon or rain songs flashed in a bold avatar and it developed a new vision of depicting rain song. Sensuality, romanticism, and hotness were easily evident in 80’s rain song; Moreover, now the audience wanted to see the bold avatar of heroines and 80’s era was giving a clear picture of this need.

With due course of time, songs celebrating Monsoon changed with the changing time and it became not just a symbol of romance, but it also created a scenario where actor or actress are hiding their tears behind the rain. You can say that Bollywood has always been interested in Monsoon and that is the reason that Monsoon songs are still not out of fashion. Here are some of the Monsoon songs that still fascinate our hearts:

  • Pyar Hua Ikrar Hua

प्यार हुआ इक़रार हुआ है
प्यार से फिर क्यों डरता है दिल
कहता है दिल, रस्ता मुश्किल
मालूम नहीं है कहाँ मंज़िल

The first song that can never be replaced by any other Bollywood monsoon song is ‘PYAR HUA IKRAR HUA HAI’. The romance between Raj Kapoor and Nargis created history in terms of bringing the utmost feeling of love in rain. The heavy rainfall, the magical music, beautiful Nargis, and handsome Raj Kapoor; The famous quote- ‘OLD IS GOLD’ totally justifies this song.

There was no sensuality, yet the song was full of romance, attachment, love, and affection. Raj Kapoor and Nargis with their stupendous performance in ‘SHREE 420’ gave a new path to love stories. Raj Kapoor and Nargis walking hand in hand in the rain and expressing their love for each other became the romance symbol of that time. The song was sung by Manna Dey and Lata Mangeshkar and It still fills my heart with love and affection.

  • Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si

Kishor Kumar was known for his unique style of singing and this has been evident in many of his songs. His one of the popular song with Madhubala was ‘EK LADKI BHEEGI BHAGI SI’; This song was one of the most amazing songs that were not just full of romance but also having funny elements.

एक लड़की भीगी-भागी सी
सोती रातों में जागी सी
मिली एक अजनबी से
कोई आगे ना पीछे
तुम ही कहो ये कोई बात है

Kishor Kumar pursuing Madhubala and singing the song that perfectly describes her mood swings. Madhubala’s car stopped in the middle of the road and she went to Kishor Kumar’s car repair shop. You can say that there were less romantic elements and more funny elements in this song.

Kishor Kumar with his extravagant sense of humour was always known for his unconventional style of singing. The song was composed by S.D. Burman and written by Majrooh Sultanpuri became one of the most sung songs of all times. The singing style and the funny activities exchanged between the co-stars won’t be found in today’s singers and their singing style.

The backdrop of garage setting and the Melo-dramatic story behind the song makes it one of the innocent song of Bollywood industry. The innocent Madhubala and Funny Kishor Kumar exchanged some pure form of love in the movie. The lyrics of this song are not just flirtatious, but it also justifies with the mood swings of a girl.

  • Rim Jhim Gire Sawan

रिमझिम गिरे सावन
सुलग-सुलग जाए मन
भीगे आज इस मौसम में
लगी कैसी ये अगन
रिमझिम गिरे सावन…

This song is from Amitabh Bachchan movie ‘MANZIL’. The movie couldn’t earn name and fame in Bollywood industry and even between audience, but nothing could stop this song from being the super-duper hit of its time. The song was recorded in Lata Mangeshkar and Kishor Kumar’s voice and it proved to be a milestone in Bollywood music industry.

Both Lata Mangeshkar and Kishor Kumar sung this song in their different versions, but majorly, Kishor Kumar’s version was popular among the audience and it still hypnotizes our mind and soul. The song is very soulful and will take you into the lap of tranquillity. You will feel a sense of bliss while listening to this song.

  • Roop Tera Mastana

The song was recorded in Kishor Kumar voice and it was the biggest hit of 1969. The song is from the movie ‘ARADHANA’, starring Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore. The song will showcase a steamy and hot tuning between Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore. Sharmila Tagore is looking sizzling in her orange saree. The lyrics of the song goes like this:

रूप तेरा मस्ताना प्यार मेरा देवाना
भूल कोई हमसे न हो जाये
रूप तेरा मस्ताना…
रात नशीली मस्त समां है
आज नशे में सारा जहाँ है
हाय शराबी मौसम बहकाए
रूप तेरा मस्ताना…

Kishor Kumar is known for experimenting with his songs and his way of singing and that is the reason that he suggested S.D. Burman to replace the music of ‘Roop Tera Mastana’ from the music of one of the Bengali song sung by Kishor Kumar and he said yes. And the rest is the history! The song proved to be a comeback for Kishor Kumar in Bollywood industry and it was the biggest hit of that year.

The Bollywood is full of endless Monsoon songs that are still breathtaking and hypnotizing our minds with its music and lyrics. Some of these songs are:

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